What’s it All About

The Inspire India Programme run by West Sussex County Council Youth Service in partnership with Raleigh and Outset Youth Action has been designed to give young people from minority, disadvantaged or vulnerable backgrounds the opportunity to learn new skills, have new experiences and to discover their abilities. Through volunteering on a number of different projects the programme also offers opportunities to make a difference not only to their own lives but also to the lives of others both abroad and in their home communities.

Young people have been  referred onto the scheme through support networks currently in place. For example through Social Workers if they have one, Intensive Personal Advisers, VT Careers Advisers, FE Colleges, YOS and other agencies. Theyhave been / will take part in the following phases:-

  • Phase 1 – Recruitment and Taster Weekend Residential
  • Phase 2 – Preparation and training, including a Challenge Weekend Residential
  • Phase 3 – Overseas Experience in India
  • Phase 4 – Volunteering in the community
  • Phase 5 – Follow Up and Review


  1. Hi there Cams

    So good to see your blog and get a taste of what your experiencing. Can’t believe seeing the elephants on the first day. So did you have the skinhead too? you will be pleased to hear its raining here! love to you and Joshie

  2. Hi Kerstin,

    Wow, it looks like your having an amazing time,and working hard.Keep it up you are doing great.Your not missing much here the weather has been pretty bad, raining most of the time!!
    I will check out what you up to as much as possible, even though it makes me incredibly jealous!!!!!

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses,
    Becky, Tom and your lil man Benjaminxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Cam’s,

    Hopefully you are all drying out now and have some conection! Will look forward to some feedback from wiskey 1!!!

    We are also having rain, but perhaps not quite the same as you guys.
    Keep smiling, Lots love
    mum xxx hi to Josh x

  4. Hi all really enjoying the video’s of you all and looking forward to seeing your celebrations. Hope you are enjoying your time off before the trek.

    Take care all


  5. Hi Cam’s Think i recognized your email, Toad in hole!! Hopefully Kirsty will join us. Matt will have gone up to Manchester he leaves Tues at 2ish!!! but back at the weekend.

    Can’t believe your trips coming to an end, looking forward to your storys and pictures.

    All my love mum xxx

  6. […] recently due to the work I’m involved in with Targeted Youth Support, especially  the Inspire India programme. Courtesy of Jule […]

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